eCamp @ Finlay Park 25 – 28 March!
Need the force? Nope. Everything you need to know is here


Expectations of Campers

  • To respect God
  • To respect camp equipment and abide by the few simple rules, which will be outlined by the Finlay staff at the start of camp.
  • To co­operate with the spirit of the camp and requests made by camp staff and your leaders.
  • To encourage campers to be respectful of other campers and leaders around camp.
  • To be on time to meetings and be respectful during meetings.
  • To enjoy the Camp!

What does a camper need to know

Bring: Warm sleeping bag, pillow,  mattress if your tenting, toilet gear, $$  for the canteen, cutlery, cup and plates,  warm and rugged clothes, Sunday night  will be our big Star Wars themes party, so find  those party outfits and get ready for a  good night!

Screen Printing will be on  offer again, so bring a t-shirt or pillow  case to print on.

Tent Towners you will need to organise  your own tents and sleeping equipment.

Forget: Forget the drugs and Alcohol.  Also, leave your flash stuff at home,  things like Computers, gaming consoles,  cell phones. Believe it or not, life will go  on without those devices! (You might  want to let your parents know that there  is limited cell phone reception)

When is eCamp ?

From mid-day Friday 25th March – 28th March 2016 – Be at eCamp for the “A New Hope” eCamp at Finlay Park Adventure Camp, Lake Karapiro.

When do campers need to have regos in by?

6th March 2016

Give your registration forms and money to your leader before the closing date on the registration forms 6th March 2016. Don’t be late. Don’t forget to include the camp fees.

There is a $10 penalty per camper if your groups fees are late, you’ve got better things to spend that $10 on… like the canteen!

Do I have to come along with a Youth Group?

Yes, as there are a number of activities and small group times you will need to come along with a youth group. If you really want to come but don’t have a youth group then call your local baptist church and see if they are going and can include you.


When do Leaders need to have Regos in by?

These are 2 important dates for registration forms and fees

6 March 2016 – Collect the registration forms and money before the closing date on the registration forms

9 March 2016 – Email the spreadsheet (this will be available at in soon) to Naomi at  Don’t worry if the boxes on the forms aren’t big enough for the information, we  download them into a database, this is just the easiest way for you to send us the  information. Please note, cabin spaces are limited and usually fill up weeks before the closing date. The only way to reserve cabin spaces is to email Naomi your completed spreadsheet while there are still spaces available!

Please note there is a $10 fee added to each camper who pays after the registration  date. NO EXCEPTIONS

Expectations of Leaders and Parents

To be discussed with helpers before camp:
▪ To Respect God
▪ To make the most of the weekend by spending as much time as possible with your young people.
▪ To look out for your young people and your own group of leaders. You are responsible for all those registered under your group’s name. This includes making sure they eat, drink and wear sunscreen!
▪ To aim to keep your young people on time to meetings and respectful during meetings.
▪ To help new members of your group to integrate and feel part of what is going on.
▪ To be available for one ­on ­one ministry to your own young people (be wise about where you meet with the camper).
▪ To ask for help from the eCamp Team if you get out of your depth in any situation.
▪ To respect and co­operate with requests made by the camp staff.
▪ To help the eCamp crew by encouraging your young people to be quiet during sleep time.
▪ To be willing to participate in any extra duties or supervising activities as needed. Especially helping to serve meals.
▪ To attend all leaders meetings. These are held first thing in the morning while your young people enjoy some supervised exercise to kick­start their day.
▪ To not be in cabins or tents alone with campers.
▪ To avoid excessive physical contact with campers (long hugs, dangerous play fighting).

What do I do when I arrive at eCamp?

Congratulations that means that you survived the trip with your campers in the bus or car! Well done! Now you have a couple of things to do…..

  1. You will be allowed into the camp area with your vehicle but you will be expected to leave as soon as you have unloaded so drive on in and park where you are directed to. Don’t let your campers wander off. Heard them into a flock or gaggle and get them to wait.
  2. Register your group. If you have a big group it may pay to send a male and female leader. Go to the main dining hall and there will be the registration point. Let them know what group you are from, and of course you will have paid all your regos before you get to camp. You will be given an information pack with all you and your leaders will need for camp including where your group is staying, duties and small group studies. If you are in cabins you will be given the cabin number where you are staying. If you are in tents you will be given “streets” to pitch you tents on, one side for guys one for girls.
  3. Now come the fun part… If you are in cabins, grab your campers and all the gear and go and find your cabin. For tents grab the tents and find your streets, it is really important that we fill the streets as much as possible, please set your tents up as close as possible to the tents already there. Don’t leave gaps as we will have less space for games later on in the camp. Please keep off the marked roads. Pitch the tents and organize the beds and then you are good to go.
  4. As soon as you have unpacked the vehicles please follow the directions and move them to the carpark. They will be locked in the paddock and access will be restricted to them so make sure you have everything that you need for camp out of the car. Please move them as soon as you can as this time can be a bit chaotic and we really need to move the vehicles as soon as possible.
  5. Hang out with your group until everybody else arrives and the fun begins…. And thanks for coming to ecamp 2016

When is eCamp ?

From mid-day Friday 25th March – 28th March 2016 – Be at eCamp for the “A New Hope” eCamp at Finlay Park Adventure Camp, Lake Karapiro.

The Goal of ecamp

eCamp 2016 “A New Hope” is almost here! 

eCamp debuted in 2004 with 320 campers and leaders and this year, our 13th  eCamp, will host more than 950 people as we discover the One who brings hope and is hope for our young people!
How did eCamp come about?

Intermediate age is sometimes a “fall through the cracks” age in our churches, so we wanted to put together a camp that would compliment and enhance whatever is happening in your church with this age group. Our emphasis is on the local church bringing their local young people to a camp with age appropriate speakers, worship and ​FUN!!​

We also hope it is a camp that caters for all sorts –  big youth groups or groups with a couple of young people and some­one’s Mum or Dad who will bring them or your community young people. Whether you like a quiet dinner celebration or an Armageddon convention this camp is for you.
For you, we hope it is a camp that you can sign up for, turn up to and then we pray it will have a real benefit for your church and your young people long after camp.

SO – put a big circle round Easter in your diary, get some leaders committed and then get your young guys and gals on board!

See you there!

Josh van de Worp
Wendy Potter
Ian Fraser
Jonathan Hall
Hans Bouter
Leighton Spurdle
Hunter Scott
Liam Janes
Raewyn Moodie
Naomi McKinnell
Dan Mc Naughton
Chris and Rosie Miller

Our Mission Statement
The overall purpose of the camp is to bring praise and honour our amazing God and to bless your local church and young  people by providing a camp that encourages young people to follow Jesus with all their heart!

Josh Says….

eCamp 2016 A New Hope  is almost here! eCamp debuted in 2004 with 320 campers and leaders and this year e-camp Is set to be bigger and better than ever How did eCamp come about? Intermediate age is sometimes a “fall through the cracks” age in our churches, so we... read more

What about the meetings

THESE MEETINGS ARE COMPULSORY We also expect that leaders attend meetings and sit with their kids. We have two main meetings for all campers each day, in the morning and at night. This year’s speaker is Jeremy Suisted. He was our guest speaker a few years back, loves... read more

Rego forms and Leaders information has now been sent

To all the Churches that we have on our mailing list so if you have not received any check at your church office or let us know and we can get a sent sent out to you. We will also have additional forms available on the downloads page so you can print as many as you... read more

Leaders booklets

300 leaders booklets printed and ready to meet up with the rego forms and then on the way to you. Am I excited yet? Maybe just a little read more